Monday 9th

I just have a few bits to finish off today. Tidying up and filing.

At lunch time there is a celebration for the Alderman of the Ward of Cheap, Lord Mountevans. I have agreed to pop in and say a grace for him. Here is a typical City grace, a la Parrott!


We meet today in this fine hall

To celebrate our Ward

And raise our glasses one all

To Alderman and Lord


Praise God today for food and wine

And those who wait at table

For chance to thank a friend so fine

He’s Clarkson’s best and able


For Juliet, who by his side

Has given us her best

As she has helped him far and wide

We’ve all been truly blessed.


But not for him a quiet dell

Instead a bright red bench

So Father God, we say farewell

It really is a wrench


And so this prayer must finish now

Within the Ward of Cheap

If I say more, I know somehow,

I’ll make you want to weep!



I am but a Grace machine!


Then later I have to pop up to Chelmsford. One of my Liverymen is to be installed as High Sheriff of Essex and has asked me to be his Chaplain. I am also Chaplain to one of the Sheriffs of the City of London. I wonder whether I am the first person to be Chaplain to two Sheriffs at the same time! (Discuss).

What a mad world I occupy. It would all sound a bit pompous if it were not true that I am only here because God put me here.



3 thoughts on “Monday 9th

  1. Just commenting to let you know some-one is reading this .
    It all still sounds very busy to me …..
    Do make some relaxed time with Sue before you leave
    All best


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