Northumberland again

I am short signal where we are staying so I am not sure if things are getting through. I can’t send pictures.

Today we explored various Roman sites. A good reminder that Guildhall is not the only Roman site in England!

The countryside here is very beautiful. It is enough to make anyone relax. My only complaint is the Hadrian was not very wheelchair friendly! What was he thinking? I suppose the obvious reason is that he did not want the wheelchair bound Scots to get into the Empire, but really…

Continuing my water theme, we cross crossed the Tyne several times. It is close to being in flood after all the recent rain.

Sue and I were discussing the wonder of God’s creation. We have prepared a list of questions for Helen and Robert when I get to the sheep farm in Australia. Do sheep all have different faces? Sue thinks they do. And, do they mind getting wet?

I am starting to relax and unwind. Thanks for your interest.

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