The coast

Today we went off to the coast. It’s about 45 minutes away. We ended up at Blyth in a gale and temperature was 4 degrees. We froze. There are a couple of picture below. We love being by the sea, as I said in an earlier post, so we were happy, if a little chilly.

This evening we are going to dinner with a past Master Chartered Architect. I am hoping I can log onto his Wi-fi to send the pictures and publish this. That will be my first encounter with the Livery. You will remember that the justification for my study leave is to explore Livery links and City of London links around the world.

In many ways it is a mere coincidence that there is a Livery link here. And yet it is not.

I parched at the village church here 3 years ago, when Geoffrey was Master. I met then, and again later at an Architects dinner in Stationers Hall, our hosts for this week. They are a Christian couple who own a house with a small cottage in the garden. They invited us to come at use it. And here we are.

This is a classic example of how people within the Livery care and use their gifts talents and possessions for the good of others. I thank God for that.

You will also get today, I hope, the picture I could not send on Tuesday of the garden at the cottage where we are staying.

Who knows what we will get up to tomorrow!

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