Home again (for a day) – weather report!

Hi all, here I am again, this time back in London. The journey home was much better than the journey there. All the time we were in Northumberland the temperature was about 4 degrees. Now we are back in London it is 19 degrees. What is going on?

One of my followers asked for a picture without a scarf. I will do my best. Perhaps on the beach in Florida next week; although as a true British gentleman I may go for the trunks and scarf look.

Still, if we take a 15 degree rise from Northumberland to here and look forwards…

Next week  in Florida, let’s say 34 degrees (an added 15). Well, perhaps not, as the forecast is a mere  29 degrees, or ‘add 10’. Later in my trip the hottest place I shall visit will be Dubai, where if I add another 10 (39 degrees) that will be quite likely in mid-June!

So, time to stop complaining and start travelling!

Well, not quite. It is in fact time to start packing. Let the travel trauma begin.

Some of you will know that I have not been very good at getting through airport security. On one of my trips to Londonderry, where SLJ is linked to St Columb’s Cathedral, I stopped. It turned out I was in danger of being arrested for trying to carry illegal substances. Yes! Sweet innocent me. As a novice traveller, trying to economise on Easy Jet, I had, wait for for it…

A tube of toothpaste and some shaving gel. Shock horror, strip search, etc. (not quite, but you know what I mean). These things are fine for the experienced traveller, but for a navice they bring great stress.

I managed to get away with it.

My first question on arrival at my hotel was – is there a shop nearby?

So, the next time I went I was determined to get it right. I was preaching, so I took my robes, paid for hold luggage, put everything like toothpaste into the suitcase. then I emptied my every pocket and took off my bely and checked everything I could think of.

The alarms rang out! I was frisked and searched from top to bottom. Then the guard looked at me. I still can’t quite decide whether it was a withering look, or a pitying look! He leant forward, tapped the mobile phone in my shirt pocket and said: I think this is the problem Sir!

So, on Monday morning I have to go through the trauma again. Tomorrow I will try to pack everything in the right place, or in the right case I should say, and then I am off. In view of the weather comments above, be assured that the sun cream will be in the main case!

Please visit me in the Heathrow detention centre. I’ll probably be there until July.

Image result for arrest cartoon

2 thoughts on “Home again (for a day) – weather report!

  1. Maybe if you are posing in trunks, scarf and ?your dog collar, you should post a health warning at the top of the page!! 🙂


  2. By the end of this trip you’ll be such an old hand at airport security you’ll never have anything interesting to blog about again 🙂


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