So here I am at the airport. Feeling nervous about the fact that I am not experienced at travel. What have I taken on!

I allowed loads of time. Which of my followers would be surprised to hear that. You all know me well.

I got through security without a hitch this time, which is a relief.  I am now drinking coffee, and waiting. I assume waiting is going to be a big part of travelling.

The light is 10hours, so it will late here hen I arrive. My host in Miami is collecting me from the airport.

Can I cope with playing games on my pad for 10 hours? Probably not. I hope there is a film I like. Nothing scary or violent. Finding Neno would be about my level.

I shall also start writing my sabbatical diary.


4 thoughts on “Heathrow

  1. Have a safe journey David.

    I think you need to get use to typing in your iPad quickly. 10 hours light, hen and Finding Neno are proof you are still getting used to it. Hehehe.

    If you’re waiting in the lounge, you can get stronger drink than coffee there.


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