A speech and a beach

At last I am doing some work on my so called study leave! I spoke today at St Paul’s. Church, Delray Beach. They have a Lunch Club. They were so very welcoming and wanted to know all about the work of SLJ. I spoke to them, for a little longer than they had asked, but everyone was still awake at the end!

I told you a little yesterday of their social mission work at the church. In many ways the work at SLJ seems low key compared to what they are doing, but that is the mystery of how churches work. Each and every person and congregation has to work to our best in the differing situations.

I gave him a copy of the Rules for the conduct of life.


In response he gave me a prayer shawl. The ‘St Paul’s Knitters’ make the shawls as gifts for visitors. Thanks to them for this kindness.

Later Sandy and her friend Jane took me to the beach at Boca Raton. You saw the pictures yesterday. It is a pure and sandy beach with crystal clear water. I swam, then I snorkelled, swam again, and ate shrimp and a picnic. Then swam again. Oh, and there was a little wine involved too.

Now, brace yourself loyal followers. As you well know I am a black trousers, boring shirt and DMs man. But today I got into a pair of shorts and a T shirt. The revolution has happened, the world as we know it is at an end. I may never be the same again! These legs have not been seen in public for over a decade. And here is the evidence.

While on the beach we saw pelicans, sandpipers, terns and ospreys. I saw fish when snorkelling! It has been a good day.

Tomorrow – the Everglades!

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