Another day in paradise

Hi all! A slightly quieter day here today.

This morning we went to Wakodahatchee wetlands. This is a man made wetland park, designed to mirror the Everglades. It takes treated waste water from the area and instead of pumping it out to sea puts it into the wetlands. This provides a nature reserve, a tourist attraction, a breeding ground for the birds and fish, not least for the wood storks seen in the pictures, an educational resource, and is environmentally friendly. Then when all that has been achieved the water filters back into the water table below. All very good.

It was baking hot: 29 degrees – but we went on the walk around the park and enjoyed seeing so much wildlife. A few pictures are attached.

Tonight we are going to the home of Sandy’s friend Jane. She travelled to London with Sandy when we first met, while Nathaniel was our intern at SLJ. She has a pool, so we will swim first and then have dinner together. Should be nice.

The weather is forecast to break in the next few days, so not sure what that will mean in terms of activity.

Watch this space!


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