The rest of our evening, after the extra post yesterday, was wonderful. Thanks to Jane for a great dinner on the patio. Dr Chatterway is known to not like men! But sometimes us parrots have to stick together. We continued to interact in a variety of ways during the evening! (I think Jane will like that description).

Today (Saturday) we did more exploration of Florida’s nature and beauty. We went first to Green Cay Nature Center. This is another ‘false’ wetland created by a local water authority on the same principles as the one we went to yesterday.But whereas yesterday was teeming with birds, and was very much geared to the wood storks, the layout and design at Green Cays very different. There is a wonderful exhibition center, surrounded by delightful wetlands and a one mile boardwalk.

I took some pictures of the wildlife here.

Just as we were arriving back at the end of the walk we spotted two turtles perched on a log. I could not help thanking of the scene in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves where Robin and Little John battle it out on a log. The turtles were a little slower!

Next we moved on to Loxahatchee National Wildlife Reserve. Yet another angle on the nature of old Florida. The Everglades are basically grassland and wetland. Another type of habitat is the Cypress swamp. These thick trees cover the wetland. There are fewer birds and more of other types of wildlife. Again a boardwalk runs through the trees.

I spotted the following:

And so back home for lunch. This afternoon we went for a swim in the sea. The tide was up, the wind. Was on-shore and the waves were huge. But I am told they were in fact only medium. We swam for 15 minutes. It makes for vigorous exercise when huge (medium) waves are pounding you. But is was great for the little boy in me!

Tonight – a Cuban Restaurant. I am taking Sandy and Jane out to thank them for all they have done and are doing to make this part of my trip so special. After much debate about what food I liked, we came to the decision that this was the wrong starting point. The right way was for them to choose a favourite restaurant which would be a new experience for me. So, Cuban it is! Let’s see what I learn.

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