We started today by going to church. The shape of the service was pretty much the same as we do in the Church of England, but there were a few differences in the USA Book of Common Prayer. It reminded me of the Lutheran Services we used to attend in London. There was also a baptism in the service.

The theme of the service was the Good Shepherd. We were encouraged to move from being self-centred to other-centred. I was also reminded by the preacher of a quote by Teresa of Calcutta: I was not called to be successful, I was called to be faithful.

There are lots of people who spend the winter in Florida and move back north for the summer. It seems that about 50% of the congregation do this, so this month is a time of farewells. The church also has a strong tradition of welcoming and greeting visitors, so I was named and shamed!

The weather here has broken and thunder and lightening are rumbling around us. This makes it very humid in the heat. In England from time to time one comes in from an icy cold day into a warm building, and the spectacles steam up. Today I got out of the air conditioned car into the heat outside and it had the same effect. Most peculiar.

After lunch we ventured out for a walk by the sea. The forecast said there would be a short break between the storms, so we grabbed the chance. At the car park we saw a raccoon.

We set off and as we got to the furthest point it started to rain. Hey ho! We only got a bit wet. The tide was up and the waves were strong, but some people will never be put off. Very few people on the beach, but there was one guy surfing.

Tonight Sandy is cooking one of her favourite Lamb dinners on the BBQ, so I have been commissioned to cook my favourite accompaniment: potatoes in garlic and rosemary.

More tomorrow from A& E (ER). Haha.


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