Amtrak day

After I wrote yesterday’s blog Sandy hosted the history faculty end of semester party. It was a mixture of the graduate students (or as we would say in the UK post-graduate) and the members of the teaching faculty. It was a great evening, and I chatted to loads of people.

Today I say farewell to Florida and travel north. Thanks to Sandy and all the wonderful people who I have met. It was an amazing and wonderful start to my trip. I shall remember the sense of space and openness, the wonderful weather and the beach. I also learned a lot about the treatment and experience of the Native American Indians, and it will be interesting to reflect on that as I also encounter the Maori issues when I get to New Zealand.

Sandy was threatening to warn people who are hosting me in the days ahead of the trials and tribulations of hosting me. I thought I should make a preemptive strike in this blog. I did my very best to behave! But don’t worry. Sandy packed up so much food for me on the train that I won’t need to trouble anyone to feed me for a week.

I have to admit I will not miss the mosquitoes. Nathaniel, Sandy’s godson, was winding me up when I was planning, saying that there would be something that wanted to eat me in every place I went. Alligators were the Florida threat. Not so! I survived the Everglades, but was eaten alive in the Yard.

I picked up the train at Delray Beach, near Boca It was a wee bit worrying when the departure board, which had shown local trains, said nothing about my train. I suspect this was because the line is used by two different companies.

It turned out that there was no need to worry. I was greeted on the Platform by the train staff who were welcoming and helpful. I found my small room and then my steward for the next 24 hours came and introduced himself and explained things to me. His name is JD. Our route takes us north through Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and on to Virginia: 23 hours in total. After endless sunshine in southern Florida we were an hour and a half into the journey and were given a tornado warning!

It is obviously going to be an interesting trip!

No pictures of the journey, but I will see what I can do later.

4 thoughts on “Amtrak day

  1. Enjoy Amtrak, i used them a lot in Canada and i loved it!! Do they have viewing cars? If so, try and bag the front seat, its a bit like towels on sun beds, but it is well worth it – the views and photo opportunities are amazing.


  2. For all of you anticipating hosting David on his journey, let me tell you “He is a fabulous guest!!”
    He is so easy going and filled with faith. It didn’t matter if we were zooming around the Everglades on an airboat, marching along boardwalks in all sorts or habitat, or challenging kinda large waves at the beach he was all in.
    Yesterday was my end of term dinner for my graduate students and selected faculty. We had about 26 come. David moved tables and chair, poured wine and chatted with everyone. As I told her on FaceTime yesterday Sue had done a marvelous job of training him up. The most important thing though was to pray away the rain. They were calling for 100 per cent chance of storms, and though they got close, it stayed clear all nite and we even had a fire so folk could have their s’mores. Well done David.
    It has been a great visit and I look forward to a return, maybe getting Sue to come too

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  3. Cheers sandy! I was going to ask David your your details so we could get your inside information / “trials and tribulations” 🙂 we are really excited to repay his hospitality when he gets to Australia.
    Travel safe canon parrot xx


    1. He is just so easy and fun. No breakfast just LOTS of hot black coffee. Lunch and dinner he tried everything. Mosquitos in the yard loved the fresh blood. Of course he wasn’t good about the sprays
      You can’t ask for better company


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