A little story to keep you entertained.

I will post a longer blog once I get to Niagara, detailing my journey. It is being written as I travel, one bit at a time. But the signal is weak and I can’t send the pictures yet. I also can’t FaceTime Sue. Humph!

Meanwhile, to satisfy your thirst for amazing and unbelievable information here is a little story – at my own expense. It catalogues my silliest moment in the USA. I have been saving it for a moment just like this when I can’t send pictures.

As Sandy drove me around in Florida I noticed two key themes. You will remember that she led me into an environmental frenzy with the trips she took me on.

The runner-up was the ‘turtles of Boca Raton’. The local authority actually turns the street lights off on the sea front during the hatching season, so that the turtles which hatch don’t get confused and walk the wrong way. I must arrange for the flood lights outside the church to be turned off, just after the Lord Mayor of London and Sheriffs arrive for a civic service, so that they know which way to go to find the service!

But my absolute favourite moment also involves animals.

It appears that in Florida there are some small animals called xings (pronounced zings). In my mind they looked something like an Ewok in Star Wars, but on four legs. They are very rare, and not often seen but, in order to protect them from the vast number of rather chunky 4×4 vehicles which buzz around the place, there are a large number of points on the roads where the signs say ‘Xing priority’. What a great and caring country the USA is, I thought.

But I never once saw a xing. 😦 .

In a fit of disappointment, I raised this with Sandy. She gently pointed out that X-ing meant crossing, as in pedestrian crossing! Oh dear. That was embarrassing.

As the late Frank Carson would have said: its the way I tell them!

More ramblings later when my two track rumblings are done.

I am in the last seat in the last carriage of the train, so I will be last to get to Canada.

3 thoughts on “A little story to keep you entertained.

  1. I was driving by the hospital when David pointed to the sign and asked about the xings. We almost became casualties I was laughing so hard. What a great sport you are!! And when I drove by yesterday a huge soft shell turtle was using the xing, accompanied by two protectors, headed for the pond.


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