New York, New York… and Niagara – a 2 day blog. Sit!

So good they named it twice. Well who knows! This blog is going to be a time line, by which I mean I shall write it a bit at a time over two days and blitz you when I get to Canada. I finished my last blog before leaving Virginia. It was sad to leave Julian after such a short while and I am so grateful to him for his time and his company. It was a great couple of days.

Referring back to Nathaniel, who I hope is reading this (please confirm!), and his suggestion that wherever I go something will want to eat me – Virginia was 3 dogs and 2 cats. Unlike the mosquitoes of Florida, these wild and disobedient animals wanted only to lick me to death! Still, it was fun listening to their Master (Julian) having complete and total control over them, on the 17th command. Mary, the horse whisperer, is back tonight, so I guess she is better at controlling the dogs, and Julian!

Saturday 20.00

The train journey to New York is progressing as I write this paragraph, but as the timetable is for late evening I have no idea whether the view is good or not. It’s dark outside.

Sunday 02.00

New York! I am now at the station in New York and everything is closed. So much for the town that never sleeps. The left luggage is not open at night so I can’t carry out my plan to go for a walk. And it is raining hard. But just for you I went out in the rain to get evidence to prove I have been to NY.

I am now in the somewhat soulless Amtrak transit Room. There is mindless musak playing which could easily drive a sane man mad. Oh well!

By the way I lied in my blog before I left Virginia. New York to Niagara is 9 hours! I told. You it was 6 I think.

Sunday 07.15

Departing New York for Canada. I got through the initial passport checks which they do in NY. Then there will be border control later. Meanwhile I need a nap.

Sunday 10.00

Not much of a nap as the first 3 hours of the run are along the bank of the River Hudson. 150 miles of wonderful views!

The middle one is supposed to be the George Washington Bridge. It looked fine in real life, but the trees have obscured it in the the photo. Use your imagination.

We now turn west towards Canada.

Sunday 14.30

The. Countryside has now changed. Rolling hills, sunshine and lovely clouds. I know Sue loves clouds! Then a bit later flat plains, sunshine and clouds.

We stopped a while back at Rochester, a town which seems to have as many Roman antecedents as Sandy’s so called ‘yard’ in Florida. ( see an earlier blog for this cross reference) . All this business of stealing our historic names is so traumatising to an Anglophile.

Rochester appears to be very close to the edge of Lake Ontario. That sounds very Canadian, and yet we are still 3 hours from the border.

I had an idea. How about asking the man at border control for HIS finger print for my blog? As they seem to say in USA, that would be cooool! Perhaps not.

My app says we are now just 50 miles from Niagara. We have two stops in Buffalo first. Now there is a name I think they did not steal from us!

Then I have to face the trauma of customs again. I hope that goes Ok.

Sunday 15.30

The guard has just announced we are running very early. Yah!

Second sentence.. so we will wait at Niagara US station for 45 minutes before crossing eh border. Um.. can’t type that thought!

Here is a picture of the station on the wrong side!

I am the last seat at the back of the train. I will be the last to get to Canada! But you can only get this view out of the back the train.

Enough for one day. I will post this now and tell you more tomorrow.

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