Wet, Wet wet

No, that is not a reference to my misspent youth, it is a description of the Niagara Falls. This blog may bore you silly, as it is mainly pictures of my visit to the falls. But you did decide to look at it.

Incidentally, some people have commented on the photos I have been taking. I should point out that I have never been a photographer, and have no real practice before setting off. I would usually go on holiday and come back with no pictures at all. The credit for their quality goes there to Apple. I am just using my iPhone and they turn out good – no credit to me at all.

I arrived yesterday late afternoon, after my travel blog was posted. We eventually got to Canada, about a quarter of mile from where we sat for ages at Niagara Falls, NY. The border is very quiet at the rail station, so I guess the staff arrive at a pre-booked time. Getting there early is not an option.

The border and customs people were friendly and helpful, if a little zealous. We all understand that in today’s world. I was sniffed by the border officers, as you would expect. Well, you will know I mean a sniffer dog. It was like being back at SLJ where they do dog searches regularly for various events. Then off to the hotel.

I knew I had paid a slight premium to get a room with a view. Well here it is! These two were taken from my room window. How good is that? 2 floors up and only a middle level room for that hotel.

I started today by setting off to find the Falls.

They mustbe here somewhere close I thought, since I can see them from MY window.

So I headed in the right general direction and found the cliff lift (as we would call it in an English seaside town). This drops you down from the top of the town to the level which has all the walks above the falls.

I walked for ages north and south exploring the views. I took loads of pictures, but. I think these are the best.

I considered doing the boat trip, which was always part of the plan. The boats from this side of the river don’t start their season until next week. I could see the queues on the other side. I decided to give it miss. But I did take this of one of the trips.

When you stand next to the top of the falls you get some sence of the power of nature. On average 100 million litres a minute pass over the falls!

As the water pounds down into the creek it obviously raises lots of food for the brides who were going mad.

Later I went on the ‘behind the falls’ tour, a chance to go into some of the tunnels originally built as part of the hydro electric power station and now a tourist event. There is a viewing platform, shown in the first picture, and some great close up views at the foot of the falls and even behind them.

It was an altogether amazing experience. Tonight I hope to go up the Skylon Tower and see the falls illuminated.

If I manage to get there that can start tomorrow’s blog.

6 thoughts on “Wet, Wet wet

  1. Wonderful – it all looks so different from when we went in the middle of winter and so much was frozen (but still very beautiful) and under foot was a skating rink from the constant spray from the falls freezing 😀 We are so enjoying your blog posts! xxx


  2. Glad to hear that the Niagara Falls is raising lots of food for the brides. I hope they will eat only enough to make them fit into their wedding dresses. Lol.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Welcome to this side of the world! Hope you are enjoying your time off. If you are swinging by Toronto we would love to show you around!

    Mark & Penny


  4. so wonderful to share your travel blog David. glad to see you have a view from your hotel. Isn’t it amazing how much better things are in real life rather than just books or stories.


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