Last night I went back to the falls to see them illuminated. They have this array of constantly changing colours, so I took a couple of short videos.

I woke early this morning, so I sat and had my coffee watching the sun rise over New York State.

I then had breakfast in the hotel before packing. Why do some people behave so badly towards the staff in hotels? It really gets me wound up! Tourists can be so rude to people who are doing a very good job to serve them.

I then packed. This time I had left my clothes in the suitcase, as I was only there two days. This prevented them from breeding and multiplying in the wardrobe! I start the whole packing exercise by reminding myself that if it all came out of the case, and I have not purchased anything, then logically it should all go back in!

And so ends my trip to Niagara. I have tried to find a link to the City of London and the Livery and have failed. But who cares? I have had another wonderful experience. Oh, and nothing tried to eat me in Niagara!

Ishrani, my Toronto contact, then picked me up at 10.30am. She brought me north to Toronto by the scenic route. No, that is not a euphemism for getting lost. She used the coast road rather than the motorway for the first part of the journey.

We stopped at the memorial to Sir iIsaac Brock. Yet again we bump into the date 1812. In the UK this means Waterloo and the battle between the French and the English. In Virginia it was a war between the British and the new USA. In Ontario it was about the USA trying to move north and re-take the lands newly occupied by the British losers in the war of Independence who had come north, and also freed slaves who had moved up here on their freedom. St Peter must have had a busy year with everyone trying to kill each other for different reasons.

There was also this stunning view of the river.

We then stopped off in Niagara on the Lake. This was the first capital City of Canada, and has the distinction of having the only Lord Mayor in Canada. We tried to meet him but he was not free. I have sent him greetings by email from the Lord Mayor of London.

So here I am in Toronto. A little frustrated as I have this room for 6 mights and it turns out to be a cupboard in the corner! Humph.

But, better news. One of my weddings from SLJ read the blog. They now live in Toronto, so I am hoping we can meet up for a drink.

3 thoughts on “Ontario

  1. You may not find a connection between Niagara Falls and the City of London nor the livery companies. But do you know that it has connection with St Lawrence? Not St Lawrence Jewry but with St Lawrence Seaway.


  2. I hear your pain – being in a room without a view! I had two weeks in Hong Kong in a shoebox with no view and my work office looks onto a brick wall and my teaching space is an old gold vault. But the good thing is that it encourages you to go out walking and meeting people. Glad you are seeing the Falls, such an amazing place.


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