A slow day

Last night I met a couple from SLJ, who I married. They had picked up the blog and made contact, so we went out to dinner together It was wonderful to catch up with them. Their honeymoon story made my trip look relaxed and well organised! But I promised them that I would not embarrass them in my blog. All I can tell you is that Mark would be lost without Penny’s organisational skill and international acumen! He would no doubt claim it was the other way round.

Today I went down to the water front. Saw the CN tower and aquarium and train museum.

Came back and got my hair cut ready for Friday. I now look smart, if not stunning!

Then realised I had forgotten to take any pictures. I must be relaxing! I warned you in an earlier blog that pics are not top of my thinking. I will do better tomorrow. (Possibly)

Tonight I am having dinner with the Immediate Past Master of the Worshipful Company of Barber Surgeons. A fitting day to have my hair cut, you may think. In the past the Barbers had the sharp razors, so when someone needed surgery they were called in. Hence the name. Today the WC is mainly medical surgeons, but the link with my haircut is there to be had. Their hall is about 100m from SLJ, and I met this year’s Master at a dinner. He put me in touch and the IPM, as we say in London, and I am invited me to dinner. He and his wife are both academics in Toronto. Yet another ‘small world’ moment. They spent a lot of time last year in the flat at the Hall so close and yet we never met!

One of the amazing things I am discovering on this trip, apart from having loads of fun, is that wherever you go there is someone who knows London. I chatted to a man in a bar at lunchtime (shhh, don’t tell Sue). He was a banker from India, who moved here after a few years in Canary Wharf. We know back at SLJ how people are with us for a while and then disappear when they are posted elsewhere. I am finding the other end of that equation.

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