I have been robbed!

Don’t panic. That is just a David title. But…

What happened to the 8th May 2018? I was happily sitting in Los Angeles on the evening of 7th May. Then I flew for 12 hours to Auckland where I arrived at 0515 on 9th May. I have been robbed of the 8th May. I plan to sue Trailfinders for this outrageous assault upon my very existence. They owe me a day of my life.

Do I need to change my birthday from 10/6, or 6/10 as some of you would say? Am I younger or older? I have no idea how to cope with this assault upon my very understanding of time!

As a Star Trek fan I am totally conversant with the concept of parallel universes. But this. This is just daylight robbery.

I got into Auckland Airport at about 5.30am. Although one dozes on a long flight it is not quite the same as actually getting some sleep. I checked into my hotel, which has a wonderful view over the City and the harbour. Better than the AC units in Toronto!

These pictures don’t really do it justice.

After a doze this morning I shall see about going on a boat trip around the harbour this afternoon.

Then, tomorrow, I am booked onto a coach trip to Waitangi, so there should be lots more to tell you after that.

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