The Livery in New Zealand

The story of my sabbatical is that I am exploring London and Livery links. Today is one such day. I went to meet the group of Liverymen who live and meet in New Zealand. They usually only meet once each year, but planned an extra meeting in Auckland as I am here. However, this plan went slightly pear shaped when the Lord Mayor decided to come two months ago and so I was upstaged!

Nonetheless, I met today with a small group of local Livery members.

We met at the Northern Club in Auckland for lunch.

The organiser is Paul Kennelly. He is a Past Master of the WC of Parish Clerks. He was Master the year I arrived at SLJ and now lives between Auckland and London.

We were joined by John, a Shipwright, John, a Butcher who is also a past High Commissioner of NZ to London, and Ross, a friend of Paul’s who is a surgeon.

It was the sort of lunch where, between us, we managed to put the world to rights. You are in safer hands now that we have sorted everything out!

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