Ah, the brits abroad!

The weather today has turned and it has poured with rain all day. But don’t let yourself think that this will stop the intrepid explorer and author of this blog from getting out and about. Well, it did limit what I did a bit.

I wanted to go to Devonport, across the bay, where the navy museum is situated. Once I set off I realised it was raining even harder than I thought. Still, at least it gave my new light-weight water-proof coat, which Sue bought me for the trip, a bit of a workout. Ah, the brits abroad!

I caught the ferry. There were about 70 people on the ferry as it left Auckland for Devonport, giving another stunning view of the skyline, but just one person was on the outside deck. Me! Ah, the brits abroad!

The town of Devonport is another pretty town full of wooden house and the High Street has a range of odd shops frontages which reveal something of its past.

It turned out that the Navy Museum was three quarters of a mile along the sea-front, and by this time I was soaking wet, so I wimped out. Went and found some lunch.

I went to the cafe on the ferry pier: a Turkish restaurant called Devon on the Wharf. Having skilfully negotiated my way around the menu with the help of Google, and got rid of the chilli sauce disguised in the name of the particular chilli (that was close), I had the most lovely meal. It merited a photograph. Unfortunately I did not realise this until I had eaten it, so here is the picture.

I got chatting to the young waiter. I could hear that he was British. He came over here from Tunbridge Wells, and now loves it so much he can’t leave. Ah, the brits abroad.

So here I am back in my room. Having dried off I see that it had stopped raining. Grrr.

While drafting my blog I decided to check the stats. The blog tells me the countries from which people have read it. The answer is 14 and a bit. The 14 are UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, Germany Austria, China, Qatar, Portugal, Malta, India and France.

How, you might ask, did my blog get to so many countries? Well several people have re-tweeted it as it appears on the SLJ twitter feed. One is the amazing Alexandra Epps (henceforth to be known as Princess Alexandra of St Lawrence), @ArtGuideAlex, our favourite tour guide who specialises in stained glass and has thousands of followers, so I suspect that she will be the person who has followers in such diverse places. Thanks Alex. I only mention this so that you re-tweet me again! (Oh, and send my best wishes to the folk at SLJ when you do the talk for the Diamond Celebrations soon! Sorry I won’t be there. I am using the ‘brit abroad’ excuse!)

So what about the ‘bit’ in 14 and a bit? It also says in the list of countries: Jersey! But Jersey is not a country. The pedant raises his head again! It is a British Crown Dependancy, not a country. I assume it is mentioned in the list as it has (and I am sad enough to have checked this) its own country domain letter: .je. So there you go. Consider yourself wiser for having read my blog, unless you are in fact the person in Jersey and already know this. Perhaps Jersey is in fact just a case of: Ah! The brits abroad.

Meanwhile, back in my room, I need to prepare a sermon for the Cathedral tomorrow. As you know these thoughts are not entirely random, no matter how hard I try to make them sound so. Alex Epps would be proud of me tomorrow. My sermon will start with reference to the Ascension window in St Lawrence which was given by New Zealand. It will end with a reference to the Christ the King window. (Follow Alex’s twitter feed above and she will post pictures of these two windows, with an explanation, in the next couple of days – she does not know this, but you can’t blame me for trying!)

That about it for today. Oh, one more thing. I did my washing. I thought you would like to know that.

Best wishes from your very own Brit abroad!

One thought on “Ah, the brits abroad!

  1. It had struck me that it was very appropriate you being in NZ at Ascensiontide as SLJ’s Ascension window (my favourite) was given by NZ – did you plan it that way? I thought about it while looking at the window during our service on Fri – and listening to Courtland of course!!


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