Auckland Cathedral

Today I preached in Auckland. Cathedral. It is an amazing building which was only consecrated last year after many years in the process of building and developing the site.

The early service was in the chapel at the rear of the building. It is a glass fronted chapel with a huge cross outside the window and views down across the bay. How anyone ever concentrates with such a vista is beyond me.

The main morning service was in the main body of the Cathedral. A beautiful space, with lots of modern stained glass and the seating is all on a slope so that everyone can see the action at the front.

Everyone was very welcoming. Lots of people who had done some time working in London spoke to me afterwards, but no one knew that there was a NZ church in London. They were all fascinated to discover the links existed.

Like everywhere else in Auckland it is on a hill. Even the car park has a view!

Afterward the Dean and the precentor took me out to lunch. We had great fun together and I was grateful to them for their welcome.

Tomorrow I head north for a few days. But that is a story still to be told.

One thought on “Auckland Cathedral

  1. Another coincidence – seeing former Dean of Auckland, now Archdeacon of Canterbury and your co-chaplain of NZSocUk as she installed the new Bishop of London on Saturday.


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