Vaughan Park

I left Aukland City centre this morning and headed to the very northern suburbs on the edge of the City, 20 minutes drive away. It is apparently where all the rich people live!

I have come to Vaughan Park Retreat Centre where I shall have a few days of quiet reflection and prayer in the middle of my travels. Time to stop and think.

The centre is set at the south end of a wonderful sandy beach which is also a nature and marine reserve, called Long Bay. I booked into my room and looked out of the window. Wow!

It is set on a hill just above the bay and has a series of rooms in chalet style format, and a very nice Chapel.

They seem to have lost my payment, but are very laid back about it. I paid in December. The implication was that no one usually pays in advance, so they had not searched too hard yet. It reminded me of the old civil service joke. If they tell you that a matter is pending, it just means: we have lost the file. If it is urgently pending, that means: we are looking for it!

Having unpacked I knew my first desire was to go and see the beach.

I walked all the way along to that headland and back. Then promptly fell asleep on the bed!

So here I am tucked away in my cell and finding space and time to think. My plan is that I will not blog again until Friday, so that I don’t get distracted. Don’t panic when you hear nothing for four days. I know you will all get withdrawal pains, but I will be back with more exciting adventures in due course.

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