I’m back!

Just when you thought it was safe to turn on the PC, here I am again!

I have had a good week at Vaughan Park. It is yet another place of great beauty, as I mentioned in my blog on Monday. From my room I watched some amazing sun-sets across the valley.

I have spent time reading, praying and reflecting. It has been slightly odd, in the fact that there was a small group in the retreat centre who were doing some study and they were all well known to each other. At meal times they all closed ranks leaving the two of us who are not part of the group to find a table alone time after time. I always think it interesting how people behave in a sort of communal setting. But there we are.

One day I went for a huge long walk along th beach, and round several bays beyond that which you saw on Monday. In one bay there was a series of trees with the most amazing root networks.

One day I was sitting on a seat by the bay and a bird was quite simply hovering over my head in the on-shore wind for about 5 minutes. What an amazing sight. I am not sure that it is much more exotic than a seagull, but it was fascinating to watch it float on the current. If only all life was that simple!

I got to know a little about the other person who was there, a Hawaiian priest who is on a three month study leave. I also had some wonderful chats with the Warden, Iain, who is a great person to talk to and listen to. On my last day we had communion together. Vaughan Park, like most retreat centres, oozes love and care and hospitality. If you have never taken a retreat you should try it!

So, now, here I am back in Auckland for one night before heading south on the train. I am looking forward to that. It is a 10 hour journey through the mountains.

Anyone want to tell me what has happened in the world while I have been absent?

3 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. Retreat normally makes you feel holy. Time is changing. The world is changing. Maybe the seagull is now the new dove 🙂


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