Wellington Cathedral

Another Sunday; another Cathedral. I am just living it up over here!

Today I visited the Cathedral at Wellington. It is much older than Auckland Cathedral: it was consecrated in 1998 whereas Auckland was only 2017. I, of course, pointed out that SLJ foundations date from 1180. It’s called ecclesiastical one-upmanship!

Like SLJ, and indeed St Paul’s Delray Beach in Florida, it is the third cathedral in the City. Florida suffers from hurricanes, Wellington from earthquakes and London from fire!

I spoke at the Companions of the Cathedral AGM: a meeting which showed all the passion and focus of any Friends association.

I then preached at the Cathedral for Evensong. It is a huge concrete (quake-proof) building.

The welcome was as ever wonderful. NZ people are so pleased to hear from anyone from London.

Tomorrow I explore the Girdlers link in NZ. More on that when I report to you then.

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