I travelled to Australia today. I had to get up at 1.30am to pack and be ready to get to the airport. As is not unusual for an early flight from a small airport the instructions to arrive 2.5 hours early was completely pointless. I, of course, arrived three hours early to be sure. The staff did not even arrive to open the check-in desks until 2 hours before flight time. Still, never mind. I got here. I was met at the airport by Beth and Caspian. This needs a back story.

Sue and I met a young couple who were living near us in London: James and Bree. They were over from Australia working, staying in a small one bedroom flat. Bree was expecting their first child and we discovered that their Mum’s, Beth and Helen, wanted to come over to London around the time of the birth. We offered accommodation to them so that they could visit James and Bree and meet Caspian, who was born two years ago (more on that in a few day’s time).

They then appointed Sue and me as honorary grandparent to Caspian. We loved meeting them and seeing Caspian grow in his first year. James and Bree (and Caspian – thank goodness) came back to Australia earlier this year and now I am staying first with Beth (who is a lecturer at a Melbourne University) and later with Helen (who farms sheep over nearer Canberra). You will hear their names in the next few weeks.

We arrived at Beth’s flat in Melbourne in a northern suburb. It is a lovely 6th floor three bedroom flat with a vast open balcony overlooking one of Melbourne’s many parks.

Beth looks after Caspian on a Wednesday while she is home-working for her job. In the spirit of ‘doing something’ we then set off to the Heide Museum of Modern Art.

This small local museum has a long history and is set in extensive grounds. As well as a small internal display area there is art all over the lush green grass of the grounds. Caspian’s favourite was a group of civil engineers digging a bore hole with a large drill. Oh well! We can’t all love art.

I captured a few shots, including the corrugated iron cows.

James is off working in Sydney this week but we look forward to Bree getting home from work and we shall all have dinner together.

Everyone is either at work or pre-school tomorrow, so I shall go exploring.

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