Launceston, TAZ

Beth and I travelled to Tasmania today. Her father lives there and she grew up there. She had long planned the trip, so as to add Taz to the list of places I had visited, but her father has been in hospital, so the plan may need to be a bit more fluid.

James got back from working in Sydney yesterday evening, so that was great to see him.

We got into a discussion about my pronunciation. Launceston is not pronounced as we do in Cornwall. It is Launseston here. Later in my trip I am due with Helen who lives new Wagga Wagga. I had pronounced it as Wagga as in wag. James laughed and said it is Wagga as in bog. Strange people these foreign types. The things they do with our language! I can’t think of an English word where the a is pronounced as an o. Let me know if you can!

We flew from Melbourne mid-morning. Landed after only 50 minutes in Launceston. It is odd being on a short flight. After 30 minutes the pilot announced that we had reached our cruising height of 33,000 feet. Would the cabin crew prepare for landing! It all sounded like a swift parabola. The airport reminded me of Derry. A few private jets and just the one plane which we had just landed in! And a pretty basic terminal. It looks very 1970’s and could be a hospital building.

Not surprisingly, we went straight to the hospital (which could have been an airport terminal building. Just to return the compliment) . Beth’s dad seemed in fine form. He knew that he had been very confused when he was first admitted and was hallucinating. I pointed out that he should not tell the staff he had had a visit from a Vicar from London, or they would think he had regressed!

After grabbing some lunch in the best hospital restaurant I have ever come across, we checked into a lovely apartment in Launceston, and Beth went back to sit with her dad this afternoon while I went exploring. It is a lovely town: a little colonial in feel (whatever that means) with a mix of architecture. I walked around the town (City) centre and down to the riverside. More water pics I am afraid.

Now I am back at the room awaiting her return, before we go out to find some dinner. I am sitting on the balcony of my room watching yet another sunset.

Another great day. I wonder what tomorrow will hold…

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