Gorge-ous place

Dinner last night was fun. We found what was billed as the best restaurant in town. Beth deserved no less. It was closed for the week! We found a Chinese which served really nice food. It was what might be called relaxed, but the decor was over-dressed. Beth asked about a fish dish. The waitress muttered the immortal words: I wouldn’t recommend the fish! A brilliant moment which left us in fits of giggles.

We started today with breakfast by the River Tamar. Like so many places the river front has been redeveloped with a small marina and restaurants and walks.

We then went to a huge chaity warehouse which raises money from secondhand goods. Beth is organising a play next week and needed some costumes. The perfect place. Thence to hospital to see Graham.

After that we went to today’s highlight: the cataract gorge. It is a beautiful place and Launceston’s major tourist attraction. More importantly it is a sacred aboriginal site.

We walked along the amazing path high up on the edge of the gorge and past the lower cataracts.

Further up is a wonderful Victorian garden with a bandstand and cafe. Skirting this we went on to the suspension bridge over the upper cataracts.

Then we had lunch in the cafe. We sat outside with an amazing view. We had soup and Beth asked if it came with bread. The guy at the counter made a sarcastic and belittling comment. The rest of our day included lots of jokes about: does it come with bread? That bloke got right under her skin. Or did he get under her crust?

Having walked back down the gorge we dropped into the latest tourist attraction in the town. More hysterical laughter followed. It has a false waterfall and a zip wire, just visible in my picture. But it also had some bizarre plastic looking pirate boats and various unbelievable rides which made the place seem unreal by any standards.

Most odd.

Beth went back to see Graham while I went on a hunt for black paper serviettes. Sometimes, dear reader, you do not need to know why. It turns out the shops in this great metropolis shut at 3pm on a Saturday. New York claims to be the city which never sleeps. Launceston is the city which barely wakes up!

Back in my room I watched some Ozzie footie, as it is Saturday and Beth has been telling me how no one can live without it. Conclusion: I can!

This evening we shall have dinner with her sister and cousins.

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