Health warning: loads of pictures today.

Last night we had dinner with some of Beth’s wider family here in Launceston. It was great to meet them all; three cousins and her sister Helen. We had a super slap up meal in one of the local restaurants.

We packed up this morning. The apartments we stayed in here are an historic building which has more recently been converted. It has lovely balconies at the back. I was in the middle one on the left.

We went up to see Graham again this morning, who seems to be in good form. He is due to have his pacemaker fitted tomorrow. Please remember him in your prayers.

After spending some time with him we moved on to our next destination, Hobart, about 150km south. The first half of the journey was across low flat plains.

On the way we stopped half way at Ross. This old village, which used to host a female prison, is quaint, but stuck in the past and economically challenged in our modern world. But it is very picturesque.

It is also the point where the northern plains give way to the southern hills.

There is a famous bridge in the village built in 1830 by the female prisoners.

Beth then showed me a village called Kempton, where her parents used to live. We got to the house they used to live in, to discover that it is a now a distillery. She was thrilled to be able to access it, and I was pleased as I am the Chaplain to the Distillers Livery.

We then drove on to Hobart and up Mount Wellington to see the sunset. More pictures!

And so to Hobart where we checked into the hotel. I have a wonderful room overlooking the harbour. Here are the night shots. More tomorrow in the daylight!

Another amazing day.

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