For dinner last night we met Beth’s nephew, Tom. He was great company. We went to a local fish restaurant as Beth was keen for me to experience the joy of Tas fish. It was an amazing platter.

Beth was determined that I should drink this wine! I know not why!

This morning I woke to watch dawn from the window of my wonderful room.

Next to the hotel is one of many buildings on which the stone mason was Beth’s great Grandad. Look at the lady on this. He carved it, and the model was his wife, Beth’s great grandmother!

After breakfast we checked out and headed off to the airport, by a very circuitous route. Beth showed me the house she and Tim lived in up Mount Nelson for the five years they were in Hobart. Then to the peak of Mount Nelson.

At the top there is a signal station.

The top of Mount Nelson has a signal station, but I have failed to find out what it was used for. It was built in 1811 to signal. That’s it! That’s all I know.

We then headed back towards the airport via two beaches. First we went to Blackman’s Bay.

Then across the peninsula to Seven Mile beach.

We flew back to Melbourne and James and Bree did dinner.

Tomorrow is a big birthday. Not mine!

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