Birthday and zoo

Today is Caspian’s 2nd birthday! Happy Birthday Caspian. We started the day by opening presents together. Sue was able to watch on FaceTime.

We then went out for a birthday breakfast in a lovely Italian restaurant. They were great with Caspian. They had a machine on which you could take pictures with costumes and odd backgrounds. Here is the family doing their thing. I have no rational explanation for this behaviour!

We then drove outside Melbourne to the Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary for Caspian’s birthday trip. Or was it for me? I am not sure.

I saw a whole load of the country’s animals which I have been waiting to see.

Koala bears…

Kangaroos, of various types.

And many others. I have more pictures, but don’t want to bore you to the point where you log off!

James was particularly keen to see a platypus.

Bree’s highlight was the bird display. This included parrots and birds of prey.

Caspian had a great time.

The parrot house was closed. I intend to lodge an official complaint. But I did see a couple of parrots in addition to those in the display.

The weather was wonderful all day. On the way home it rained and I saw a wonderful rainbow. I was amazedEverything in the Southern Hemisphere is upside down and back to front. But the rainbow was the right way up! Amazing!

So here we are back in Melbourne City. James is cooking dinner for the birthday family while I write. A great day for one and all!

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