Habs and a concert

I started the day slowly and then set off to meet a couple I know from London. I had to get into the city centre and back out. My first challenge was that there were no trams running. Someone had parked across the lines! I had to reroute. I love a challenge.

I found my way to the suburb of Mentone and was met at the station.

On the train I heard a mother who was in such a state. Her daughter had locked herself in the flat and the Mum had to kick the door in. Both were in a terrible state. And gentle motherhood had gone out of the window. It reminded me how hard is for some people, but also how good James and Bree are with Caspian.

The southern suburbs are very different to where I am staying in north Melbourne.

David and Mary Lou were my hosts. David was the hall manager ( Beadle) at Haberdashers Hall when I arrived at SLJ. I took the baptism of their granddaughter in 2010. They then retired and came to Australia where their daughter lives and now enjoy being supportive grandparents. We had a great time catching up on City matters.

The Haberdashers have one member who was Sheriff last year and may be LM in a couple of years time. Another is standing for election in my own ward of Cheap in early July.

Poor Mary Lou fell yesterday and broke her arm. David took me for a long walk on the wonderful sandy beach and then to lunch.

I then headed back to the city centre. Beth has spent just 4 weeks organising a community concert, entitled kaleidoscope, including writing, stage craft, and rehearsals.. It is acted and sung by anyone who cares to join. This includes staff and students of the university, and they had a number of people who came in from the streets, quite literally. They get fed after rehearsals and have chance to work on the play. It was an exhilarating mix.

Socially inclusive musical theatre is a way of bringing together diverse groups of people of all abilities. The themes of the event included the suffragettes, displacement of the aboriginals, refugees and homelessness. These themes were chosen by the students and participants. It was very moving to hear the edgy take on these themes by young people with a social conscience and some of the people affected by the issues themselves. A wonderful evening.

It was. Not possible to take. Pictures of the event itself, but it was a very impressive example of working inclusively through the arts.

After the event we went out for a Thai meal. Another fine day!

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