Philip Island

We had another gentle start today. James and Bree had a lay-in and Beth and I looked after Caspian for a bit. Well actually she looked after Caspian and I made cups of tea, but that is valid contribution to the process.

We then all got ready. I mentioned a few days ago that Beth’s Dad was awaiting an operation. He had it and all is well. He went back home last night and Beth set off this morning to Tasmania to visit him.

Meanwhile, an update on yesterday’s blog, which had a disastrous auto correct in it. I meant to say the I found it a moving performance. It got changed, after a mis-type, as a mocking performance. Most certainly not what I intended to say. Beth is in therapy after reading it!

James, Bree, Caspian and me (have I told you I am called Gramps by him?) set off south to Phillip Island, at the south end of the huge Melbourne Bay. So, having travelled some of the way south we stopped for a lunch at a wonderful rural pub. Now this was not the sort of thatched idyll you may be thinking of in England. More like to bar in Crocodile Dundee, but with a decent chef! How about that for an oxymoron.

James was very sniffy about my beach pictures yesterday on the basis that it is not a beach if it has no waves. Most of the beaches in Melbourne’s bay, such as the lovely beach yesterday, are calm and not great for the surfing fraternity. So today we found some waves at Woolamai Beach. It was lovely.

I liked this sign near the beach. It appears that dogs are not part of nature- or was I just having one of pedantic moments?

Then we went on the the Penguin Parade. Now this is the real reason for coming to Phillip Island. It has a huge colony of Little Penguins. At dusk they come ashore into the dunes and roost. The tourism people have set up a whole viewing area so that tourists can see them come ashore, and then walk through the boardwalks over the roosting areas and see them. This is why J and B wanted to bring me here. Now the little penguins above are not called that for any random reason. They are the smallest of the species and so seeing them come out of the water needed a degree of telescopic vision and faith to believe that the slight movement in the distance was in fact the penguins. But it was great fun.

But this was not the last penguin of the day. Gramps cracked and Caspian now has a furry friend. I could not resist. I know you all think I am a hard hearted old man, but I have my softy moments!

A light supper, some Caspian play, a call to Sue on FaceTime, and now it is time for bed!

Tomorrow we have parrots and a steam train to look forwards to.

3 thoughts on “Philip Island

  1. Paul R said to tell you, that when the said p-p-pick up a Penguin, they meant the chocolate variety not the fluffy ones!!


  2. Thanks for a great day gramps. I noticed that our getting lost (and subsequently many km off course) didn’t rate a mention. Nor did your your multiple naps:)


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