Trains and parrots (or not!)

We had breakfast at a local cafe on Phillip Island before setting off back north. We wandered down to the beach to have a last look at the sea. Cowes, where we stayed, is on the bay side of the Island, so no waves, but still very beautiful.

We then headed off to Puffing Billy, via Wilds Park both in the Dandenong Forest. Wilds is a bird park in the forest where you can pay to feed the many and various parrots. Except… (isn’t there always an except in my blog) the staff were telling us that a few days ago a huge number of White Cockatoos arrived. The nature of nature (!) is that they can’t control these things. They, being more aggressive than the Parrotts, had scared all the other breeds away. But they were still beautiful.

James and Bree insisted that I fed them, but Caspian was less than convinced.

Then on to Puffing Billy – Victoria’s, and in their own publicity Australia’s, best steam railway. Now my dad and brother-in-law will be appalled to hear that it was described as 726mm gauge! That’s 2′ 6″ in proper railway language!

They gave us two tickets. A nice souvenir (proper) ticket and a modern bar-coded version.

We had a wonderful trip, so here goes with some pictures.

At the top of the run is a wonderful forest park and lake. It turns out that I did not take any interesting pictures there, except for one bird, whose blue luminescent plumage caught my eye.

But videos are no much better!

When we got back to the start point I was trying another video, when James started to attack me from behind – hence the short commentary on this last one. (Except – that word again- I am not sure if I captured sound or not. I love being the ultimate amateur!)

So, we travelled back to the City after a wonderful weekend away. Thanks to James and Bree for organising it and taking me.

Tomorrow is a travel day, so expect a lightweight blog. Unless I find something exciting to report. Watch this space.

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