City Sunrise and rural sunset!

I started the day in Melbourne where I have been for the past few days. I took this picture of the sun rising over the north east of the city.

James then took me out to breakfast before I went down to the city to the train station. The journey north by train is about 3 hours to a place called Chiltern, the nearest station to Rutherglen. Chiltern, like so many stations on the line once out of the City consists of a platform and a seat and not much more! Along the way the landscape north of Melbourne is mainly flat plains and scrub. It is either wild or used for sheep and cattle. A very beautiful journey, but then the breathtaking views really began.

Tim collected me at the station and drove me the 25km or so to farm he and Beth own near Rutherglen. We stoppped off at one of the small towns on the way, Howlong which frankly looked like some sort of film set. But then its name seems like some sort of plaintive cry to God, so I should have expected no less.

On the way I also saw a wallaby. My first wild marsupial. I am now officially an Australian!

We arrived at the farm just before dusk. Here is the drive from the road to the house. An urban highway!

I had time to take a 360 degree video and a few pictures of the views from the house.

Not long after we arrived I watched the lovely sunset on the flat plains, and across the huge open skies. Hence my blog title for today.

Now, as I am writing this at just after six and it is pitch dark, and I have stood outside and revelled in the silence and the myriad of stars. These are two things we don’t get in City of London.

Rutherglen is on the upper reaches of the Murray River which runs from here south to the coast. The river forms the boundary between Victoria and New South Wales, so when we swung by Howlong I entered my third Australian State. Victoria, Tasmania and New South Wales, in case you are not following this with as much attention as it clearly deserves. I shall spend longer in NSW, but many miles from here, next week. You will have to wait for my reports on that.

That’s about it folks. Idid warn you yesterday that there would be less to say today.

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