Rutherglen – a leaky place!

Dawn in the countryside is an amazing thing. Being in the middle of nowhere beneath a vast clear sky as the sun comes up is a moment worth living. A little lower down the blog today you will see pictures of the town and elsewhere – notice the skies in those too. It is the sky that has struck me today. VAST and blue. Is it not true that the simplest of things can encourage our spirits?

Every day of this trip brings new and unique experiences. Today was no different.

There is a water leak at the farm so we waited for a plumber to come to see if he could locate where the pipe is leaking. The plumber was just the same as the world over. The inevitable sharp intake of breath and gentle shaking of the head! A worried look and mention of time and cost. I was waiting for him to see the trenches which Tim had dug, and which had filled with water despite the ground elsewhere being bone dry. I am sure he would have muttered ‘it shouldn’t be like that’ if I had been close enough to hear!

But let me give the bloke due credit. He worked hard to find the source, which included having to dig up the foundations of the house. So here is a picture of Rutherglen workman in the shower of dust! He even has a dust rainbow.

The leak is fixed (we hope) which was quite rightly the top priority for the day, so by mid afternoon we were able to take a trip into Rutherglen – the great metropolis of northern Victoria; gateway to New South Wales; shopping Mall of the Murray Valley. Well, not quite. Rather, it is a small local town, which is important to the local residential and farming communities and has its own charm and character.

Like most small Australian towns the cars are bigger than the shops. 🙂

We then had time to briefly visit two local wineries. The first was Chambers, the oldest winery in town. They had about 20 bottles lined up for us to taste. I tried a number of their fortified wines, including a really nice walnut Muscadelle. We then went on to a newer winery called All Saints. They had a more grand facade to their sales room. All very ‘look at me!’. Chambers had a more dignified ‘shed’ look about it.

I was of course unaffected by the wine tasting. Olchihol doth not infect me at oil!

Beth came back from Tas today and is driving up from Melbourne this evening (3 and a half hours). Meanwhile, Tim and I are going out for a meal.

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