Wine, wine, wine. But I did not whine!

Today I have hit 2500 views of my blog. Unbelievable.

I woke up a little later this morning, so I did not get to see the sun rise, but I am still amazed by the sky here. I went for a walk after breakfast and took some more pictures of the house and grounds.

Beth took me to more wineries this morning. I did not want to go, of course. But it would have been ill mannered of me to refuse this outrageous suggestion so I reluctantly agreed! (Believe that and you will believe anything).

This weekend is a long weekend in Australia for the Queen’s official birthday. All the wineries are in planning mode as it is an open weekend. In the Rutherglen network of wineries they are expecting about 12,000 people over the weekend to visit, taste and (they hope) buy.

We went first to Andersons. This is one of the local prize winning wineries and we tasted some fizz, and white and red and fortified wines.

Then we went on to Pfeiffers. Jen, the winemaker, chatted to us and we tasted more, including a rather nice tawny. I bought some to take to the party on Sunday.

This firm uses its unusual spelling to have some fun in its publicity.

Jen was wearing her ‘Naked Wines’ tee shirt. This company is the one I used to buy wines in the UK for Christmas. Small world!

We went from there into the town of Rutherglen and bought some pies for lunch. I was persuaded to have kangaroo, while Beth had emu!

I had been wondering why I had not seen any kangaroo in the wild. I appear to have just eaten the answer. The pie tasted really nice. Nothing odd about it at all. Its a bit like a nice tasty beef, with a firm texture. The emu has a slightly sweeter taste to it. I also tried the emu pie. I am getting braver.

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