Only a brief report today, as it was a relaxing and slow day.

I woke this morning to the sound of rain. This, you might think, is not a good thing for my day, and perhaps so, but the farmers out here are desperate for some rain. It has been exceptionally dry and so I am sure they will be glad. The usual rainfall for a calendar year is about 590mm. To date this year they have had about 40mm, and they keep telling me that this is winter. So a little rain today (and predicted again for tomorrow) is a good thing for the this rural and farming community.

Bree and Sam arrived here late last night after driving from Melbourne. We all travel on to Wagga Wagga tomorrow.

Sam took me off to Pfeiffers again this morning as he wanted to buy some wine. He is volunteering there this weekend as part of the great Rutherglen festival.

Tim and Beth had a couple of business meetings today while they are both up from Melbourne, and then Bree and Caspian and I went down to the River Murray. Caspian has had a total ‘two year old misery’ day today. No-one does a strop like a a two year old. I thank God that I was always a perfect child. More so, I thank Him that my mother has worked out how to read this, but not how to write replies, so she can’t tell you that this statement is untrue!

This evening we all went out to dinner, before most of us set off to the west tomorrow morning. Can’t wait to get to the ubiquitous sheep farm in Australia!

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