To the far east!

The day started with a grand planing ceremony at Tim and Beth’s place. There are two trees which have been planted in the developing garden in honour of my visit. In years to come they will flock here on pilgrimage to see the Parrott trees!

I started by digging holes. Well I was supervising – does that count?

Then we planted. Now I came into my own. Please note that this critical stage I did in fact handle a spade. I pointed out that when the Queen does this is a given a silver shovel to use. I had better not report the response to this innocent comment!

Then we set off to Helen and Robert, to the east at Nangus, near Wagga Wagga.

We stopped at Wagga Wagga station to collect Ingrid, a friend of Bree’s. She came up from Melbourne by train. As ever the architecture is amazing in these rural places. This is the station house.

We then drove on to the farm. Robert’s farm is a different farm to Tim’s. His was big. Robert’s is huge.

Here is the house, and the land is just about, but not quite, all you can see in this video.

Robert then gave me the grand tour of the farm buildings. it took over an hour, and that was just the barns and equipment.

Just to. Give you an idea of scale: Tim’s tractor vs Robert’s tractor (in his case one of five). It reminds me of the line in Crocodile Dundee. Call that a tractor? This is a tractor!

I mentioned the other day that there has been way too little rain here. It rained last night for the first time in weeks. They think I brought the weather from London! Here is one of the dams on the farm which shows how low the water level is.

When it is very dry in the summer there is always a danger of fire. And so Robert has a fire truck. He is also called on to help at road accidents locally as the distances are so great that farmers with fire trucks can be a real resource. Caspian says this is his favourite.

There are nine of us for dinner tonight. We shall toast being aged 59!

One thought on “To the far east!

  1. Lovely cloud formations in the farm pictures. Remind me of what we see in Suffolk with a flat landscape and big sky. Guess they would say ‘You call that a big sky, this is a big sky!’

    Happy Birthday x


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