Farewell to the Melbourne gang

Beth, Tim, James, Bree and Caspian all left Wagga today to travel back to Melbourne for work tomorrow. It was sad to think that I shall not see them again for some time.

My day started with breakfast on the patio. It was glorious and warm, despite the fact that everyone keeps telling me that this is winter and that they are cold.

Then Bree and Caspian went off with Robert to feed the sheep. My farm day is tomorrow, as there were others who wanted to go with Robert the last two days.

I sat and enjoyed the sunshine and then after lunch one of the friends from the party yesterday, Margaret, came to pick me up and take me for a drive around the area including their own farm.

We drove through the area, where some roads are made up and others are not.

This road used to be the main highway between Melbourne and Sydney. One of the houses is an old staging post which still bears the sign. You will also note the fact that today was yet another wonderful sunny day.

We then stopped at the small Chapel where Margaret worships, St. Peter’s. They only have a service there at Christmas and Easter, and have trouble finding a minister to take it. I feel a plan coming on, since I don’t do either Christmas or Easter at SLJ. I could pop over here and help them out! Anyone willing to sponsor the flights?

We then stopped by the Billabong Creek and walked along Margaret”’s land as far as the Murumbidgee River. This junction of the creek and the river is the family’s favourite spot for a picnic.

After that we went back to the farmhouse, which is named Billabidgee, a combination of the two names. The walk involved a rather precarious stepping stones crossing over the creek, and an extremely risky climb over barbed wire, which she negotiated with more poise than I did!

It was a wonderful afternoon, thanks to. Margaret.

She even talked me into taking the pictures she thought were best, including this fine specimen of the ubiquitous Red River Gum Tree.

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