A diamond geezer!!!

Last night we had dinner on the sheep farm in NSW. Guess what? Lamb!

Then today. – I’m 60! Its my birthday. I have had such a wonderful day.

They have bought a ton of wine for m w and port. Beth has put together a wine label jut for me.

I had a message from Sue this morning saying that my birthday present from her, Tim and Jon was new fish tank. I was very excited!!!!

Then today I had a BBQ on the farm with friends and family. It was amazing. The smoking butcher came and cooked.

Helen set up everything outside, with a little help.

It was the most amazing fun and everyone was so welcoming. The caterer was wonderful and Helen and Robert and friends were so kind to me. If I am ever 60 again I am coming back here for a part!

Thank you to everyone for making my 60th so special.

One thought on “A diamond geezer!!!

  1. I wondered what had happened to you’re Birthday blog as it didn’t appear on the day. I thought perhaps you didn’t want to be 60 so ignored the day altogether! Pleased to see you had a great party.

    The fish are eagerly awaiting your return to SLJ to show off their new tank!!


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