Farmer David!

Bree was insistent that I had to try the classic TamTam biscuit. I tried one this morning. Just like a Penguin biscuit in the UK.

Then this morning Helen gave me a full tour of the farm. It is fascinating to see all the different fields and paddocks. They have 6000 acres and usually about 8000 ewes. Currently some of the ewes are lambing so the actual number on site is higher.

She then drove us on to Junee On the way we spotted a lamb which was in a ditch having somehow escaped from a field. Despite it not being one of theirs, Helen went on a rescue mission! I managed to video it. She is so cute. So is the lamb!

Then we went on to Junee. We went to the big tourist attraction of the town, a chocolate and liquorice factory. We found more sheep there, but I think these two were there for the tourists rather than the table.

Then to the Roundhouse Museum. The largest Roundhouse ( turntable) in the Southern Hemisphere.

Then after lunch Robert took me out to feed the sheep. We loaded up the mixer with two sorts of feed before setting off.

Then we visited 10 different paddocks and fed the sheep. They see us coming and all run after the feeder to wherever Robert releases the feed. Some of the lambs chased after the white car, which led me to conclude: they can’t tell a sheep from a jeep!

Many of the sheep are lambing at the moment so we saw lots of lambs, some just minutes old.

Once the feed is laid they all get very excited!

I had a wonderful afternoon hearing Robert talk about the farm and show me how some of the things work.

Now back briefly at the farmhouse to change before Helen and I go off to a group called VIEW, back in Junee. This stands for Voice, Interest and Education of Women. It has 300 branches across Australia who raise funds to support poorer children to get help with the inevitable extras for schooling. I think this is a great piece of work. I am their after dinner speaker. I shall call them Very Important Eminent Women! I plan to talk about the Livery Company’s charitable work and then about the work at St Paul’s, Delray Beach in Florida which I blogged about early on in my trip.

On the way Helen plans to take me past a place where she thinks I may see kangaroos in the wild. I shall report on that tomorrow.

All in all another wonderful day!

One thought on “Farmer David!

  1. Your experience with the sheep and lambs has reminded me of one of my favourite choral pieces John Tavener’s ‘The Lamb’ usually sung at Christmas. But if you prefer something more slushy try ‘All in the April Evening’.


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