A three joke blog today.

First, something strange happened about the blog from 10th June. You may get it a second time. I am not sure, but I apologise if it pops up a second time.

The VIEW event went well last night. They are a great gang of ladies who seek to support young people in their schooling, and we had lots of laughter and fun.

Helen ran a quiz during the evening.

Question 2: what colour is a welsh poppy? Mmm. Unfortunately I misheard the question and thought at first it was: what is the colour of a welsh puppy? At the same time she poked me and said that this was one for me. So then I thought it must be a parrot. So I said green. I now know she meant it was one for me, as I am from the UK. However, at the time I assumed she meant: it’s a parrot. I was traumatised when I discovered the real question was about a flower not a puppy! So I ended up explaining to the ladies that I thought the question was about a puppy, and then they all asked me why I answered green? I obviously saw too many lambs yesterday and was in baby animal mode when she asked the question. Much laughter followed.

By that stage I was so confused that I forgot to take a picture of the dinner, so here instead is a picture of a welsh poppy. For the sake of complete clarity this is not a welsh puppy.

I also said yesterday that I would update you on the kangaroo hunt from last night. Nothing! I was by then sure they don’t really exist, although everyone keeps telling me that they saw one earlier. I think it is a conspiracy to keep British tourists exploring. All Australians are trained to ask: have you not seen a kangaroo yet? That way us Brits think we are missing something and keep looking.

However, today we were driving along when Helen suddenly jammed on the breaks. There in the field were some real live wild kangaroos. They do exist! Although they only exist in the distance. With the naked eye they were wonderful and bounced along just as they should. To the camera they were just a distant blur. You may not be convinced, but I am a convert: kangaroos really do exist.

Today Helen and I went into Wagga Wagga. Thanks to those people (Rachael, Cortland and Tim R) who responded to a previous blog about how to pronounce Wagga. The most humiliating response to my suggestion that I could not think of an A pronounced like an O was from Tim who reminded me of the rarely used word ‘was’! How did I miss that one? So, it is Wagga as in was.

We went to see the town first, which is on the Murrumbidgee River (ref a previous blog). We walked around the town and saw a pelican, a couple of museums (no pictures allowed inside), a glass display, an open air theatre, and the wonderful memorial gardens. A lovely walk. There is also lots of outdoor art and sculpture.

We then walked by the river.

After a visit to the RC Cathedral, we went over to St John’s Wagga Wagga where Helen had arranged a meeting with the Archdeacon. We had a good look around the church and I got very excited by the newest of their stained glass windows.

Look! Can you see? There were parrots at the resurrection! Unlike most of the pictures, I have not reduced the size of this one. I am there!

I met with Archdeacon David Ruthven, Rector of Wagga Wagga and an Archdeacon in the Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn. I gave him greetings from Bishop Sarah, and Archdeacons Luke and Rosemary in London. We chatted about church law, how parishes keep going financially, London Diocese Capital Vision 2020 and a range of other subjects.

So, time to pack. Helen and I are off for a short trip tomorrow. I can’t tell you where to yet, as that would spoil your anticipation, but it involves opera and a bridge!

One thought on “A three joke blog today.

  1. As well as your namesakes, I see the other birds at the resurrection were Kookaburras – have you seen any of these yet or are they as elusive as the Kangas?

    What is the animal in the bottom left corner of the window by the toadstools? Looks like a mouse or is it another Aussie creature?


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