Guildhall studies

We were up early this morning to set off to Sydney. Helen drove us down. We stopped briefly at a town called Gundagai. Here is a famous memorial to a local dog. The dog on the tuckerbox. He stayed by his master’s side after he died. My theory is that the tuckerbox had doggy treats in it!

Then we got to about half way and stopped at a bakery at Goulburn, a well known stopping point as they do lovely food.

We drove on over the inovatively named Great Dividing Range. Creative thinking obviously was not part of the mindset of whoever chose that name. Then on to Sydney.

We walked around the city for a while including one of the poshest shopping Malls ever. Then down to the harbour for a quick glance. We shall do it properly tomorrow.

I can’t believe I am actually in Sydney. How brilliant is that. Thanks Helen!

We walked back trough the Botanical Gardens. Wonderful and green, and they had a display of orchids. This one is for Mum who grows orchids on her windowsill.

This afternoon I met Professor David Blaazer of New South Wales University. He wrote to me just after I left London. He is doing some research on Guildhall, and we agreed to meet so that I could give him some local knowledge. We had an hour together, and there is no reason why you would be interested in what we discussed, but it is just a chance for me to justify my trip. It is Study Leave, not a holiday! (Yeah!)

We came back and checked in to our room. We are on the 38th floor and have amazing views, including a tiny squint of the Harbour Bridge.

Tonight James is meeting us for dinner and then we are going to look at some of Vivid, a light show in the City. I will try to take some pics for you!

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