Last night we went down to the harbour for dinner and saw some of the light show called Vivid.

We stopped on the way at the film festival where James’s company, igloo, is one of the sponsors.

Then we went for dinner before heading off to the lights. James found a lovely steak restaurant.

Then we walked, and walked. We enjoyed seeing the light displays, although I am not sure that my pictures do it justice.

This morning I woke up in time to see the sunrise over Sydney.

We then headed off to be tourists for the day. It was a glorious sunny day and about 20 degrees.

We started by walking through the City to the oldest part near the harbour called The Rocks. We went on a breakfast hunt and had a great brunch, by the time we found somewhere. We walked down under the Harbour Bridge and started to see the amazing views of the bridge and the Opera House. I took a short video of the harbour as we walked.

We then decided to go on the Big Bus tour of the City. I took various pictures along the way.

The green building is a wonderful example of a vertical garden up the side of the building. It is entirely watered by the rain from the roof, and is famous as one of the largest vertical gardens in the world.

This afternoon we went on a boat trip around the harbour. I took loads of pictures so I shall have to just choose a few, or you will all be bored to death.

I so enjoyed the trip and indeed the whole day. But it was not over yet. Next we walked to the Opera House. I took a couple of very clever pics to prove that I am now an accomplished photographer.

By this time the idea of full sunshine and 20 degrees was long gone. There was a big black cloud, which was not in the weather forecast, and a howling gale. So we abandoned the waterfront in our quest for dinner and instead headed into the town where it was more sheltered. We found a nice Italian Restaurant.

We are now back in our room and both agree that we have aching feet, full stomachs, and wonderful memories!

Tomorrow we travel back to the farm near Wagga Wagga, so there may not be a lot to say, but I will do my best to entertain you tomorrow evening!

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