Port Douglas

I was up early today to get back to the airport. I flew from Melbourne to Cairns, and then on by mini-bus to Port Douglas.

On the flight we were given complimentary snacks. It included this snack. I read the package and hoped that it did not taste as awful as it sounded. Well it as not as awful as it sounded. It was infinitely worse! I don’t think I have ever tasted such a weird snack!

I managed the check in process without too much trauma. The only moment was when the X-ray machine ground to a halt and an alarm went off. The lady looked at me and asked: have you got sparklers in that bag? Now I can quite see why a packet of sparklers would not be a good thing on a plane. Fortunately I managed to work out quick enough what she had spotted: my pipe cleaners. One glance inside and the conveyor belt moved on! Phew!

I was also pulled over for a gunpowder check! Perhaps he had heard the word sparklers. The previous person in the line, who was African decent as if that mattered, was shouting the odds and being highly abusive about being checked. I was cleared and I thanked the guy for looking after us all by being so careful. I hope that restored his equilibrium for the day!

I then got the coach from Cairns to Port Douglas. We travelled up the Cook Highway, a most beautiful road which hugs the coast on the way. It’s not easy to get a picture from inside a mini coach, but this gives you a bit of an idea. Along the way we passed through a world heritage site where noo development is allowed to protect the rain forest. more on rain forests in a couple of day’s time.


I arrived and checked in. Once again I have an amazing apartment. It is a series of self catering rooms around a pool.

Having unpacked I went off for a walk around Port Douglas. There is a wonderful beach on one side of the peninsula and a marina on the other.

I also did a video.

On the beach there was a most encouraging sign. Vinegar is available free!

Tomorrow I am doing the Great Barrier Reef!

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