Off by bus early again today for another trip. This one is my 60th birthday present from Mum and Joy and all. I had a typical last day in any place, packing as much in as I could. Lots to tell you.

The bus took me back south towards Cairns and to the World Heritage Site I mentioned two days ago. The tropical rainforests here are ancient, fragile and protected. I was taken to the Skyrail Terminal. This is a cable car which runs over the top of the rainforest.

In the first section we rose up above Cairns and over the first section of forest. I shared a gondola with a couple from Launceston in Tasmania. He was celebrating his 60th birthday. How odd is that, Beth?

The first stop is at Smithfield. Each section takes about 15 minutes. At Red Peak Station where there is a boardwalk to allow you to walk through the forest and see the foliage close up.

Then over the forest again for section two.

The next stop is Barron Falls. The waterfalls should be massive but even here in Queensland, where the climate is very wet usually, there is little water to show for it.

There is a view of the falls from the gondola and then from a view point in the forest.

A train runs up the other side of the valley and you can see it from the viewing point.

And so after stage three I arrived at Kuranda Village. It’s an odd place in some ways. It is a 19th century mining town but it has recreated itself as a tourist attraction. There are craft shops and outlets in all shapes and sizes. Most sell rather odd things, of the plastic kangaroo type, but in between there were others selling authentic aboriginal gifts and crafts. One was built to look like a ship. I am not clear why.

For lunch I had kangaroo steak in a restaurant overlooking lovely gardens. It had to be done. As everyone had told me it is like a beef steak, with a game edge to it and much more chewy than beef. I liked it, although I am not sure I would order it twice – unless i was in a vegetarian restaurant!

I then walked the town some more. It has a range of attractions. I had decided to go to Birdworld to see the parrots. Guess what? It was shut for 4 days for maintenance. These people must see the Parrott coming.

So instead I walked the forest trail, under the railway and Skytrain, and along the River Barron.

The next step was to get down the mountain. I took the Kuranda Scenic Railway. Even the platforms are scenic.

I upgraded to the carriage with free refreshments! And comfortable seats.

We stopped at Barron Falls for the view.

Then we continued and the views were amazing.

The train crew were keen to take pictures for us. Both the pictures which she took looked like I was asleep. I was not.

At the end of the day we traveled back up the coast road past all the amazing beaches.

As if all this was not enough I come to my pic of the day. This was in the loo at the, um, ‘bottom’ of Skyrail. There seems to be no limit to the need for advice to the public. KB to suggest this to Paul Roberts, the Health & Safety officer at Guildhall, for the Members’ toilets in Guildhall. She might suggest the caption: CCCguide2P. (That is an in joke!!)

Then she can get the blame for it and no one will ever know I suggested it. 😁

I got back, having done my shirt count. The apartment has ‘one between two’ washing machines. Next door has hijacked the washing machine, so I shall rely on Anjuli’s machine being empty tomorrow when I arrive.

Tomorrow is another travel day so the post should be shorter. I will be picked up at 6am from here for transfer to the airport. Then a flight to James and Anjuli in Singapore. I am being met by Paul, Anjuli’s dad, who used to be a senior officer in Guildhall. Glad he is meeting me, of course, but why???? I leave London, he retired, and yet I am still arriving in Singapore to be met by a man from Guildhall. Oh well! It reminds me I am heading home. (And he knows me well enough not to take offence!)

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