A swim, a flight and a swim!

After I blogged last night I decided that I just had to have a swim the the pool at the hotel on Port Douglas. You will see how beautiful and blue it is at night.

This is not just a lighting effect. It is in fact a warning that it is freezing. But the jacuzzi thawed me out!

I was picked up at 6am local time this morning to be ‘transferred’ to Cairns (so called) International Airport. Not a lot going on there. Cairns was very excited in 2016 when an international flight was introduced to Singapore. They have about half a dozen flights a day to other international cities, which makes connectivity from the City much better than in the past. It will make a great difference to tourism here, not least because people from this corner of Australia had to travel internally before they could get very far in the past. I am guessing they used to have to go down to Brisbane before the International bit expanded.

Anyway, I have taken advantage of this and I flew out on the 10.55 to Singapore.

The flight is 6 and a half hours. Not much to tell about that really. A typical 737-800, with no space for legs or for elbows.

Eating lunch becomes a challenge. It is a bit like a Livery dinner where it has been over-booked and the caterers just made everyone fit on the table. So long as you sync and eat in alternation it is possible to get the food from the plate to your mouth!

I had booked a window seat, but seat 8A is next to a piece of fuselage with no window!

I was picked up by Paul and he took me to James and Anjuli’s wonderful residence in the City. More amazing views from their balcony.

I am staying in the play room, so I was greeted by two hairy monsters. No, not Maya and Ted, the children aged about 1 and 3, but these two.

There is also a pool, so after bath and bed time for the children I went down for a swim.

It was wonderful as it is so warm (when you get out!) It is now 9pm and the temperature is 27 degrees. Perfect. So I have written this on the balcony, while James and Paul are watching something called the World Cup. I have to admit it had completely passed me by! But then I have always felt that the last five minutes of a World Cup final is sufficient football for me every 4 years.

Tomorrow I explore Singapore. They have plans for me!


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