Happy Birthday to Anjuli!

Today is Anjuli’s birthday, so we had a lovely start to the day. She claims to be thirty something. I have access to the wedding register so I can check whether she is fibbing!

Having arrived in Singapore there is a new time difference so I am still trying to work out when to FaceTime Sue – I just need to worked out what slot works when we are both up and awake.

I sat on the balcony again this morning in 28 degrees of heat and drank coffee as the sun rose and reflected off the clouds and the buildings.

Since it is so warm I wore shorts today. Many of you will know that this is virtually unheard of. No proof will be supplied! But in the process I put my sun glasses in my pocket, which turns out to not merit that description. By the time I went to put them on I had lost them. Oh bother!

Paul and I went off to the museum this morning while Anjuli and the children had a rest. Little Ted had a bad night, and therefore, so did Anjuli. I slept through it all. James went to work and Vaz had an appointment. Vaz was trying to persuade me to get a massage. Mmm.

We first went to the National Museum of Singapore which has a whole floor dedicated, not surprisingly, to the history of the Island. I have to say I had no point of reference or awareness of the history, so it was really helpful.

The City connection is the British East India Company, for whom Raffles worked.It had started about two centuries before the Rafffles incursion into Singapore3, BT nonetheless it is a City link and justifies me being here.

We then walked up through one of many beautiful parks to The Battlebox. This is another tourist attraction, which is situated in the former army bunker which operated in the Second World War. Once again it was good to be reminded of the turbulent history of the past and of the way in which Singapore, which became a state in 1965, has reinvented itself and excelled all expectations.

We next went off to find Raffles Hotel, which was one iconic place I wanted to see. Like all the parrot sanctuaries in previous blogs it was closed for refurbishment! But they still have a small gift shop, with the required man in colonial dress,

We then hopped back home to check on the state of play with Ted, who was clearly under the weather. Anjuli took him to the doctor who said that it was a virus and that he had sores in his throat. No wonder the poor little man was complaining. Her birthday dinner will now be at home, so I am spared my obligation of babysitting with Paul and Vaz. However, I have done my bit to entertain him!

We have more trips planned for tomorrow. Meanwhile, here is a picture of the great wedding of James and Anjuli in December 2012.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Anjuli!

  1. Interesting as always , David . Forgot to say before that my great uncle Douglas ( meadows) was in Singapore between the Wars and designed the raffles club building. I expect you have done your historical bits now and are moving on. Enjoy the last few countries Gillian

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  2. Thought you said there would be no proof of you wearing shorts! I think there was also evidence from the beginning of your adventure in Florida!!


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