Goodbye Singapore. Hello Dubai

This morning it rained really heavily in Singapore, thus scuppering my plan for a swim before departing. After ”’prayer and laying on of hands’ I managed to get everything back into my case. Then we all went out for brunch by the river.

I then went off to the airport by taxi and checked in. The airport has a butterfly garden.

Thinking of wildlife, that reminds me. I saved this picture from yesterday’s long blog. When we went to lunch at the hawkers stalls there was a guy with some lovely parrots. At last!

The plane trip today was good. Boeing 777 by Singapore Airlines. Very smooth check in, very smooth boarding, very smooth service and food. I found myself thinking: if Changi Airport and Singapore Airlines can make a huge and busy airport check-in seem this easy, why can no-one else?

Oh, and the three seats had me at the window and someone else on the aisle, so a little elbow room as no-one was between us. My favourite plane journey so far. It was a 7 hour flight, but even that does not seem so bad if you have a few inches of elbow room.

I was met the Dubai by Trad. He is half of Sophy and Trad, another 2012 wedding, two months before James and Anjuli! But at the moment I can’t find their wedding picture. I also see Sophy’s Mum from time to time as she lives in the Barbican. We have been in touch closely within the past few months, and they persuaded me to add one last stop to my itinerary: Dubai. I am so glad I did. This is the view from their flat. I simply can’t believe I am here!

Tomorrow I shall meet their son Ren. Can’t wait. It’s been a long day, with 4 hours added in for change of time zone. I am now only three hours behind London!


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