The Dubai Big Bus.

Today I have had yet another great time. I woke to this amazing sight and to my new friend Ren. Apparently he is prone to being shy with newcomers, but I am blowed if I can see it. We are mates already!

While Sophy and Trad were at work trying to earn enough money to keep me in food and drink I went off and explored Dubai using the Big Bus trip, much like those which run in London and which I used in Sydney. It’s a great way to get an overview of a new City. I caught the bus from the sea front opposite the flat. I noticed while I was waiting that my hostess is so famous in the area that they have named the hotel next door after her. Most impressive!

I started the tour and tried to take pictures of the scenes along the way. But it is not always easy when moving along. Still, that will not spare you.

38 degrees by this stage. I loved it. I saw many of the iconic buildings of the City.

I hopped off a couple of times to see two of the largest Shopping Malls in the world – all very mind blowing. The Dubai Mall is 1M square meters, has 1200 shops, and is said to be the largest in the world. They are adding more shops soon and expects to reach the sum of 1M shoppers per year. It also has an amazing aquarium, which I saw, and some fountains and a waterfall, which I did not find! I had lost the will to shop very soon after arriving! So that will be 999,999 shoppers, as I ducked out.

And then, of course we also went onto the Palm Jumeirah and saw the great hotel at the end and the beach.

Having completed two of the three possible circuits I hopped of for a harbour tour. You know my love of boats by this stage.

We went down the canal and out to sea just opposite the flat. Here is the view of their place from the sea.

Most interesting fact of the day: although much the new new infrastructure and development was funded by oil money which began to flow in the late 1960s, now oil only accounts for 7% of GDP.

And so the day is winding down. REN is happy. The sun is setting.

Tomorrow Sophy (she of the hotel fame) is taking me to see the Museum and the old quarter of the City. Meanwhile, here is a wedding photo!


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