Hi honey! I’m home

After I blogged last night I fulfilled my stated ambition and swam in the Persian Gulf opposite Sophy and Trad’s place. It was sooo warm! What an opportunity!

This morning I once again packed my bag. When I first arrived at Heathrow 11 weeks ago it weighed 18.5kg. Today it was 23kg. You see: when I keep complaining that it is harder to pack each time you think I am just a hopeless packer. I am not sure how it has grown by so much! Perhaps it is all the thingsI have bought for Sue.

I checked in and found the lounge. Buying a pass to a comfortable lounge and seat was definitely a good idea. It is much more comfortable than sitting opposite a perfume store on a metal bench.

The flight left the terminal on time, but we then sat on the tarmac for an hour. ‘Busy day at Dubai and one taxi-way is being repaired’ was the excuse we were given.

Nonetheless we arrived at Heathrow on time and I am now back home.

There is so much to reflect on and to say, so I shall do a few more final posts in the next few days, but for now the main purpose is to let you know I am back at home in London. I am not back at work until 9th July, so I shall have time for a think and some writing up of what I have done.

More tomorrow.

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